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Krul Tepes Cosplay 2 by Cardinalsong Krul Tepes Cosplay 2 :iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 0 0 Krul Tepes Cosplay 1 by Cardinalsong Krul Tepes Cosplay 1 :iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 0 2
Vamp!Romania x Reader x Wiz!Norway Pt.2
      The wedding the following day was complete torture. I received no alone time and was forced to put on a smile that fooled everyone into believing I was the happiest girl in the world. Mostly noble families were invited but some brought friends, not that I would care, however, I didn't even know the nobles. Sure some faces looked familiar here and there from past balls my father had thrown but all their names have slipped my mind by now. Perhaps because of the stress of the wedding, or because I simply tend to ignore the high class, nothing personal, they're just all the same.
I had a lower class friend once that was nothing like the stubborn members of my class. Of course he never told me his name and I only knew him for a day but at least he was worth remembering. He was maybe 8 at the time and I was 14 but a friend is a friend no matter the age gap. We met for the first time when I ran away from the castle when my father had gotten angry at me and locked me in my
:iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 19 5
Vamp!Romania x Reader x Wiz!Norway Pt.1
    It was the year 1459 when I first met the mysterious man named Vladimir. At that time he was the Voivode* of the city of Bucharest and was highly respected among the noblemen and women alike. The men saw him as a strong and able leader while the women just fancied his looks and romantic ways. Of course it was hard for any girl to not be drawn in by his charming and outgoing personality and unique looks of strawberry blonde hair and demonic red eyes. Despite the high superstitions of the people, they all seemed to be drawn into his act and didn't give his eyes a second thought after he passed it off as a medical condition. Everyone believed him because they didn't believe that their friendly ruler could ever be something that everyone feared the most during those times, a Vampire.
    It seemed like I was the only one who saw right through his mask of lies and noticed the dark desires behind those ruby orbs of his. He had all the citizens in the palm of his hands
:iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 35 6
Norway x Reader Flirting 2
When you see one of these * that means look in the description! Thank you~
    About an hour ago Mathias had sent you a text message saying to come over because he needed help with 'Operation Fairy tale'. You figured it was another prank so you rushed over to the Nordic 5 house as fast as you could, clearly eager to help. Plus the name 'Operation Fairy tale' made it sound like you were going to prank Lukas since he reads fairy tales almost religiously. Since you met him over six months ago and since the pick-up-line war you had actually grown to be good friends, at least you thought so, you never know with him.
    Over the course of knowing him you have learned that he is very blunt, witty, stubborn, sarcastic, and loved things like magic and fairy tales even though he seems completely down to Earth. But the most important thing you've learned was that he was not completely emotionless. You've caught a few q
:iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 179 51
Rebel Dragon! Norway x Reader Ch.4
    The loud bustle of the marketplace drowned out your thoughts as you weaved through the busy town people. The cold air around you was mainly filled with the smell of fresh bread and hay; a strange mixture. Your brother had sent you out to collect some flint for the long winter ahead but somewhere along the way you got distracted by the crowd and various shops. Even though it was cold outside and snowing, again, you still enjoyed watching the towns people go about their lives and looking at all of the rare or exotic things the shops had to offer. While passing by one of the shops a glimmer of something caught your eye and made you stop. A  jewelry shop stood in front of you lined mostly with necklaces and rings but none of that seemed as interesting as the lone hairpin that was carelessly set on a stand. It was a golden cross but it was set upside down, surely a mistake by the owner, for some reason it made you think of the dragon, of Lukas.
    You stood the
:iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 68 21
Rebel Dragon! Norway x Reader Ch.3
Norway’s P.O.V
Three days have past since my injures were received and thanks to the magic in my blood they have already healed. I knew I couldn't stay here any longer, people are getting killed every second that I wasted here. From the window I could see the sun slowly peaking up the horizon, ______ wouldn't be awake for another few hours.
Perhaps it would be better if I didn't tell her to save her from the teary eyed goodbye I know she would give. Over the course of the short three days the (h/c) haired (e/c) eyed girl had earned my trust and, to a certain extent, my friendship. Much to her brothers dismay, every spare minute she had she liked to spend it talking or just in silence with me, perhaps I intrigued her. Every night when she couldn't sleep she would even sneak out of her house and, despite my protests, read me fairy tales. I would never admit it out loud but I enjoyed listening to her voice describe the adventurous heroes, the impossible quests, the treacherous villa
:iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 38 9
Rebel Dragon! Norway x Reader Ch.2
    When you two finally reached the barn the first thing you did was run back to your house, that was a little distance away, and search for medical supplies for the wounded dragon. He assured you on the way that it was just a scratch to a dragon who could handle pain but that just made you worry even more. In your house you found some alcohol, bandages, string, and a needle with haste but just as you were about to open the door your brother decided to make an entrance. “_____, are you okay? Why are you in such a hurry to go out this late?” Shocked, you quickly hid the items behind your back before he noticed them and grew even more suspicious.
    “N-nothing! I just… Um, the gate was left open so I was just going to close it,” You praised yourself for thinking of a good excuse at such short notice, hopefully he would believe it.
    “I could go shut it, it’s cold outside anyway and I don’t want you getting
:iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 36 5
Rebel Dragon! Norway x Reader Ch.1
    The winter was at it’s peak on the cold day of December when you decided to take a walk in the forest near your home. Snow was building up by the second as it fell around you while some got caught in your hair. However, you didn't care, you didn't even notice how cold it actually was, you were too lost in thought. Your brother had just informed you that there had been another dragon attack on the village closest to your home. These were not uncommon, dragons were the superior race, it was because of them that you were allowed to live. For as long as anyone could remember the human race had to bow down to the dragons in fear that they would kill everyone. It wasn't until recently that the humans began to notice that the dragons have been abusing their power. Human villages have been getting attacked, whole farms being burned down, women and children being eaten instead of cattle, and men being slaughtered like dogs. The people and the king knew that the only way to s
:iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 73 23
Norway and Navi by Cardinalsong Norway and Navi :iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 2 0
England x Reader: Time Again
"Time is not a reality, but a concept or a measure." -Antiphon the Sophist
    Every year on one day time just stops, the sun stops moving, the plants stop growing, the Earth stops orbiting, and as if that wasn't strange enough, people and animals seem to be the only things that remain functional. It started in the year 2000 and has continued to happen on New Year's for around an hour and 23 minutes after the start of the year. Scientists have tried to discover why this phenomenon occurs and have been studying it continuously since. The religious believe it is a sign of the apocalypse and choose to spend the majority of their time in various churches and other religious sights. The scientific ones believe it is some strange shift that is happening in space-time but they have not yet cracked its mysteries. Others don't think twice about the event and use it as a release from normal society to do whatever they please. You see, when the time stops or 'the end begins', as conspir
:iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 19 14
What My Mom Thinks of Hetalia by Cardinalsong What My Mom Thinks of Hetalia :iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 27 10 Lion Within by Cardinalsong Lion Within :iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 1 0 Turkish Angora by Cardinalsong Turkish Angora :iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 2 4
Norway x Reader Flirting
It was just an ordinary day, the sun was out and there were few clouds in the sky. There were birds chirping in the air singing their annoying songs for all to here. But today was something special, it was Christmas eve. Your best friend Mathias had decided it was time to bake some Christmas cookies so he invited you over to the Nordics house to help. Needless to say you were excited. You stopped in front of their house then knocked and waited patiently. After a minute or so you were getting tired of waiting and was about to text Matt when it opened to reveal someone you've never seen before. He had short blonde hair with a cross clip on the side and dark mysterious blue eyes. You've heard of him but you never got the chance to introduce yourself before. "Hello, is the King of Northern Europe present?" You said with a charming smile and your (e/c) eyes sparkling. He raised an eyebrow at you with what you assumed to be the closest thing you were going to get of a curious expression. Bef
:iconcardinalsong:Cardinalsong 412 105
I'm just me.
I don't believe in true love or love at first sight,
I prefer a bitter-sweet tragic ending versus a fairytale happily ever after.
I find the villains more interesting than the heroes,
And would rather take a walk in the pouring rain than on a sunny day.
I'm not depressed, emo, or goth.
I'm just... Me.
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I cosplay Female Prussia, Moldova, Alois Trancy, and Krul Tepes! ;3



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